I’ve Got a Plan…

It’s been four months since I recorded an episode of American Cliche. I really did have every intention of coming back in April, but the ad agency I work with sort of screwed me and that put me in a difficult situation – how do I continue to do the show? The reality for me is that if I’m going to commit to creating something online on a regular basis it has to generate revenue for me. This show was barely meeting that criteria for a long time, but I pressed on – mainly because of my love for this community. I tried everything to make it work financially including trying the NPR listener-supported model. The bottom line is that even though I get emails and Facebook messages every single day telling me how much you all love the show and want it back, you (the collective you) haven’t been willing to make any sort of regular contributions to support the show. People speak volumes with their wallets and I’d say that was one of the biggest deciding factors of what I’m about to say.

I am officially canceling American Cliche. I know that’s not a surprise for any of you, but I thought it best to put some closure to a six year project. That said, I feel I owe you more than simply shutting the doors on a show that I worked so hard on for so many years. With that in mind, I am planning a final run of four shows to close it out. I’m tentatively eyeing June 22nd as the start date. Once they begin, they will be consecutive.

I’d like to try and include you guys as much as possible. That means I’d like for you to send me audio clips, emails and Facebook messages that express whatever you’d like to say or communicate about the show. I also want to try and get Brian and Jason back into the fold to contribute one final segment to the program. They were a big part of the show early on and it wouldn’t feel quite right to close things without them.

At this point I’m not doing these last four shows for monetary gain. I’m doing them because this brand and the community matters to me. But, if any of you would like to kick something into the tip jar to help the cause, I wouldn’t turn it down. :)

Thank you to everyone that still cares about AC after all these years. I’m going to try and send it out with a bang.

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