American Cliche FINAL EPISODES: 3 of 4

We’re in the home stretch now. It feels weird to have only one more episode left in a such a long series. How many people can say they’ve done almost 260 episodes of anything? I didn’t think I had it in me. Following the taping of this episode I got confirmation from Jason that we can expect a segment from him next week and Brian has confirmed as well. Let’s send things out with a bang!

On the Show:

* I Officially Hate Summer
* Casey Anthony Verdict – Shocked? Surprised? Why We Care So Much
* CEO Says “Monthly Problems are Why Women Earn Less”

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  1. Christy D

    I don’t see the normal player to hear this episode.

  2. Fixed Christy. Not sure what happened.


  3. Mike D

    podcast was great while it lasted.

  4. OK, now I’m starting to panic. I am going to be seriously sad after the last episode. I was thinking about how much I enjoy hearing your spin on today’s events and pop culture, and when the show’s gone, there will be a pretty big void to fill for a lot of us. Which leads me to ask you this: What podcasts do you listen to/recommend that may be similar to yours? (although not as good I’m sure..) There are so many out there to dig through… I have KATG on my list, which I enjoy, but it starts to feel like a chore to keep up since they record every day. I like the half hour, once a week format that you had. Maybe it’s something you would want to mention on your last *sigh* show.

  5. Mike D

    Thats what was good about American cliche, it was short and got to the point. As i get older i simply find i have less time for catching up on podcasts.

  6. Brian

    There is a great book I’m reading called “Popular Crime” by Bill James (the man that brought cyber metrics to baseball) that came out in May.

    He talks about all the popular crime cases over the years and what it is about certain cases, people, etc that the public seems to latch onto and how it makes them into the big deals that they are remembered as. He analyzes the investigations of cases, the trials, the criminals themselves, the media and the public.

    I’m about 3/4 of the way through…it starts off a bit slow, but an interesting read so far.

  7. I can’t believe it’s almost over!!! :(
    It’s gonna be so weird and sad to listen to that last episode…

    I hope the very last one is at least twice as long, just so you can go over all our favorite segments, and read some comments, and play some music, and Jason’s and Brian’s last segments, and an update on what you will do next, and, and, and…

    Yes, American Cliché will be missed.

  8. I’m so sad you have to end the show, but I understand. Life is ever changing and you have to go with the flow, man! In your absence, I found Kevin Smith’s Smodcast and I’m really enjoying his new SIR station. He’s doing what you did, but I guess his name recognition helps get more paying sponsors.

    Please don’t close the site or the pod out forever. Who knows what could happen and this might be a good outlet for you at some point in the future. Thank you so much for all your hard work; you’ve given us all great memories. Good luck with your endeavors and enjoy life!

  9. Ben

    wow shows ended, kinda glad and happy at same time. see ya

  10. Ben


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