Reasons Why Hire An Experienced Child Support Attorney

Whether you are going through a divorce or seeking support for an unmarried child, it is important to find a good Santa Ana child support attorney to help you with the legal aspects of the situation. An attorney can help you determine the appropriate amount of support to be paid to your ex-spouse, negotiate on your behalf, and even enforce the award.

You will need to go to court to file a child support petition. The paperwork for your case must be served to your ex-spouse by a professional process server. You should also make copies of the papers for all of the parties involved, including the Department of Child Support Services. If you are filing a new case, you should make sure that your case number is on the paperwork. You should also check the court calendar before going to court.

If you need to modify a child support order, you will need to show that there has been a substantial change in the financial circumstances of the child. This can include a change in the custody arrangement, the income of one or both parents, or even a job loss. The child support order will be adjusted based on these changes. In some cases, courts will allow you to pay a small amount of child support, but the amount must still be sufficient to meet the child’s needs.

An experienced attorney can help you determine the amount of child support that you should pay. California uses a mathematical formula to calculate the amount of support you will need to pay your ex-spouse. The amount is based on the total net monthly disposable income of the parents. The formula also subtracts work related expenses, union dues, and taxes. In some cases, a parent’s income can be underemployed or windfalls can complicate the calculation. If you suspect that your ex-spouse is being abusive in paying child support, you should contact a child support attorney in Santa Ana.

You can also contact the California Department of Child Support Services to request a child support case be opened. You can do so through the Department’s website or by visiting the office in Orange. If you want to request an increase in child support payments, you must file a Request for Order. The Request for Order must state that the circumstances have changed since your last child support order was made.

Alternatively, you may file a parentage action. This is a petition that asks the court to award custody and support of a child to a parent who is not married. In these cases, the court will consider the needs of the child, the financial situation of the parents, and other children in the relationship. In this type of case, the parent seeking custody and support will also file a petition to establish the other parent as the parent of record. If you have questions or need legal advice, you should contact attorney Tran. He has over 200 hours of specialized family law training and can assist you with any family law issue.

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